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hyper- and hybrid-casual mobile game developers

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For the most promising teams with projects demonstrating the best metrics
and potential, we're ready to offer:

Up to
Up to $250,000
Minimum guarantee for signing the contract
Up to
Up to $250,000
Payment for fulfillment of jointly agreed KPI
Up to
Up to $500,000
Investment in the next project

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Burning Desire:

You strive to create a game changer.

Game Completion Funds:

Financial backing to bring your game to life.

Track Record:

You have released projects under your belt.

Development Mentoring:

Expert guidance and innovative advice throughout your creation process.

Established Team:

You are equipped to handle the full production cycle.

Expertise Sharing:

Leverage our industry knowledge to elevate your project.

Strong Vision:

You clearly understand what your game should look and feel like.

Free Testing:

We ensure your game's hitting the audience as it should.

Low-poly Art Style:

Your team is proficient at such visuals.

Handling Creatives:

We take care of captivating creatives to spotlight your game.
Alina Zlotnik
Program Owner

More than two decades ago, casual games provided an accessible niche for small, inexperienced teams. 5-7 years ago, hyper-casual games rose on mobile platforms, offering an even lower entry barrier. However, with today's oversaturated market, transitioning from concept to hit has become challenging, and both costs and development times have surged.

Teams in hyper-casual game development now face a decision: either deepen product expertise by creating more intricate games that retain players longer or pivot to other markets or platforms.

We've designed this program for teams opting for the first approach.

Your Journey from Low CPI to High LTV begins!

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